standard-title FAQ TSIP Browse through Frequently asked questions from other users or just send us an quick email question


Browse through Frequently asked questions from other users or just send us an quick email question


Q: How to Register

1) Download T SIP  APP from Google play Store and Install

2) Upon success Installation the  ACCOUNT SET UP  & Welcome  Screen opens

3) Tab Create Account a screen will open asking you to enter you Phone-Name -Last Name-Email - Tab  Create Account

4) After a few seconds you should  receive an SMS confirmation and see a  GREEN DOT in the left upper corner and 0.10c  pr-reload Balance



Q: Free Trial Credit way ?

Way free credit

The reason behind the free credit :  its for  you to check the compatibility between our  application and your mobile phone . Free credit allows you to make calls to specific destinations at low cost you can find these destinations in our rates list in the APP Menu

  1. USA

  2. Canada

  3. Romania

  4. American Samoa

  5. Brazil City's

  6. Bangladesh

        And More


Q: Why we Collecting your personal information

We are obliged, following the new law of the European Union, to seek the consent of the end-user to access specific data in there devices

Collecting your personal information helps T Point Systems and  TSIP APP to better understand what you need from us. We use your information to:

  1. manage and improve the Website and App.

  2. administrating and operating your account.

  3. personalizing our services to you.

  4. tell you about important changes to APP and  the Website and our services.

When you download  TSIP APP   after installation its asking for certain permission you have the power  to not allow this access or   to allow  if you don't  accept this terms  you can not place calls see bellow images


Q: Found Transfers between accounts

it's easy to make your family and friends happy! It takes only seconds to transfer funds between two TSIP account Fast and secure just go to Transfer funds and send from your account to their TSIP account



Q: How to place free calls bit win TSIP customers

To be able to enjoy free calls between TSIP users you need to know the account ID that is usually the registration number  like the example shown below .You can enjoy free conversation between TSIP users without you to have any balance left in your account